Toyota Tacoma TRD PRO Grille "2-Color Toyota" Emblem Decal 2016 +

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Item Description: 2016 + Toyota Tacoma TRD PRO Grille 2 COLOR "TOYOTA" Emblem Decal
Size: Cut to fit as shown in photo (click on photo to enlarge)
Qty: 1 "TOYOTA" Sticker with your choice of main color (black shown in photo) & outline color (red shown in photo)
Additional Info: You are buying a sticker/decal, not an emblem. This sticker is designed to be installed on top of the TRD PRO Grille Emblem for the 2016 & 2017 Toyota Tacoma. This sticker will apply to the face/flat surface of the "TOYOTA" emblem and the silver edges of the emblem can still be seen after install as shown in the photo. As with all our stickers, we use premium vinyl to maximize the lifespan of the sticker.