Mud Flap Decals - Toyota Tacoma - Fits 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022 2023

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Item Description: "4WD" Mud Flap Decal/Sticker for 2016-2023 Tacoma.
Size: Cut to fit mud flap as shown in photos (click photos to enlarge).
Qty: 3 stickers (one for the drivers side rear mud flap, one sticker for the passengers side rear mud flap, and one sticker is extra just in case you had trouble with installation or if one of them starts to come off due to being subjected to continuous bad weather.)
Additional Info: Due to the texture of the plastic mud flaps and the fact that the decal will be punished by different weather (rain, snow, sun, etc) we recommend installing these on days above 80 degrees Fahrenheit or with the use of a hair dryer (or carefully aimed heat gun - don't melt your mud flap). The heat will help the sticker stay attached to your mud flap and last longer. These decals are designed to be installed on the mud flaps of your vehicle but they can be placed just about anywhere on your vehicle (painted surfaces, glass, most smooth interior panels, etc.). Sticker comes with application tape applied for easy install. We use premium vinyl with all our stickers to maximize the lifespan of the sticker.
Please note: we cannot guarantee a lifespan of this particular decal due different climates and weather conditions. With that in mind, we are offering them cheap so if they come off some time down the road, a replacement is only a few dollars.