Fuel Pump v4 Patch

Regular price $12.00

Item Name: Yota Fuel (v4) 
Item Description: Urban Camo
Patch Dimensions: ~2" wide x 4" high
Limit: No Limit (order as many as you'd like).
Additional Info:
  • Comes with a Numbered Art Card
  • Fully Embroidered
  • Velcro backed
  • Limited - Only 150 made (138 available at drop).
Special Edition - ALL BLUE Patch Info: 
We're giving away three ALL BLUE Yota Fuel v4 patches. That's right, three lucky customers will get the full color Yota Fuel v4 patch they purchased AND one all blue Yota Fuel patch. Only 12 all blue special editions exist. Here's how they will be dispersed:
1 will remain on our patch board.
2 goes into our vault for later.
2 will be gifted.
4 will be sold during random mini drops.
3 will be given away during the drop as described below.

Here’s how we plan to give them away during the drop:

138 Yota Fuel v4’s will be available on drop day. We will start fulfilling orders with art card number 1 and work our way back in the stack. Essentially, we are pulling in the order purchased. If you order more than one patch, you’ll get the next consecutive art card in the stack. 
Why is this important? Because one FREE ALL BLUE Yota Fuel v4 patch will be included with the following art cards: #1, #70 & #138.

This means the first (fastest) person to order is guaranteed one, and the LAST person to order is guaranteed one (so if they are still in stock, you still have a chance at one). Then 1 lucky person in the middle of the madness (art card #70) will also receive one.

Good luck and thank you for the continued support!