Toyota Tundra Headlight Side Marker Overlay Decal - fits: 2014 - 2017

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Item Description: 2014 - 2017 Toyota Tundra Headlight Side Marker Light Overlay Decal
Size: Cut to fit over the factory amber reflector/side marker on the headlight - as shown in photos (click on photos to enlarge)
Qty: 1 set (1 for the drivers side headlight and 1 for the passengers side headlight.)
Additional Info: You are purchasing vinyl decals/stickers that are designed to be installed on the exterior of the headlight (no headlight modification is required, just peel and stick). Please note: due to the shape of the headlight, a very small amount of the amber reflector may be visible after installation when looking front of the truck. Also, these are shown on a Pro Edition that has black headlight housings. Product may look slightly different when installing on headlights with chrome housings.
Please note: The headlight reflectors are there for a reason... For your safety, we do not recommend covering the reflector side marker lights on your headlights. This item should only be used for "off road" or "show use" only. Importequipment is not liable for actions that result from buyers covering the reflector side marker lights in the headlights.