Toyota Corolla Doorsill Decals (REAR ONLY) - Fits 9th Gen

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Item Description: 9th Gen Toyota Corolla Doorsill Stickers (REAR ONLY).
Size: Cut to fit rear doorsills as shown.
Qty: 1 pair (one for drivers side and one for passengers side)
Additional Info: If you have a Corolla XRS that have an "XRS" doorsill plate from the factory, these "rear only doorsill stickers" are for you.
The text portion of the doorsill is peeled out of the sticker allowing the grey plastic to show through (it is not a separate sticker applied on top of the doorsill sticker.
These will only fit the 9th generation corolla (2003-2007 model year). Be unique, accent your vehicle and protect the doorsills at the same time. This sticker comes with application tape applied for easy install. This sticker is an original, you will not find it anywhere else. We use premium vinyl with all our stickers to maximize the lifespan of the sticker.