Mirror Blinker Overlay Decal

Regular price $8.99

Item Description: Toyota Tacoma Mirror Blinker Overlay (will fit 2nd & 3rd gen Tacoma & 5th gen 4Runner)
Size: 13"W x 3"H Piece of vinyl Sticker provided. You will need to "cut to fit" the blinkers.
Qty: 1 strip of sticker (is enough to do both driver & passenger mirror blinker)
Additional Info: Transparent Dark Grey shown in photo. Please note: this is shown on a 2012 Tacoma. Please verify you have similar mirrors before ordering. We recommend you cut down the strip of sticker provided to be slightly larger then the blinker, apply the sticker, then trim off the excess with a razor blade (not provided). This overlay is a better alternative than spray tint as it can be removed at any time without damage to your blinker. Customize! Be unique! Go for it! This sticker is an IMPORTequipment.com original, you will not find it anywhere else. We use premium vinyl with all our stickers to maximize the lifespan of the sticker.
Please note: These are for "show" or "off road" use only. Tinting your blinkers may not be legal in all locations, please check local laws before purchasing or install at your own risk. ;-)