Jeep Wrangler Unlimited JLU Backup Light Overlay Decal fits 2018 2019

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Item Description: Jeep Wrangler Unlimited JLU Backup Light Overlay Decal, fits 2018 2019 JL Wranglers (Does NOT fit 2007-2018 JK models).
Size: Pre-Cut to fit over the backup light as shown. (click on photos to enlarge them). Since it is pre-cut you just peel and stick. No trimming is required by our customers.
Qty: 1 pair (1 drivers side, 1 passengers side)
Additional Info: This sticker/decal is designed to be applied to the outside (exterior) of the taillight and is designed to cover all of the chrome at the backup light. Please note: this decal covers up where the actual backup light is located. As a result, your backup light will illuminate the color of the decal you choose. The decal/sticker material used for this item is "see through" (aka transparent/translucent) just like window tint. Essentially, this sticker will allow you to change the color of the backup light while maintaining an OEM look.
Our Fine Print: Please note: Since this decal/sticker covers the backup light and will change the color of the light that is projected, we are going to add the disclaimer that it is designed for "show or off road use only" simply because you are altering the look of the OEM taillight. We recommend checking local or state laws in your area if you plan on driving the streets with this product installed.
Lastly... Customize! Be unique! Go for it! This sticker is an original, you will not find it anywhere else. We use premium vinyl with all our stickers to maximize the lifespan of the sticker.