Fuel Pump x Plushie Collab Patch

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Coqui Creations x Import Equipment Collaboration Patch
Item Name:
Fuel Pump  x Plushie Patch
Patch Dimensions: ~2" wide x 4" high
Qty: No purchase limit (buy as many as you'd like)
Additional Info:

  • Comes Numbered
  • Fully Embroidered
  • Hook backing
  • Limited - Only 60 made (each maker has 30)
  • Official Drop: 3/22/2023 - 5:45 PM PST
  • This design is a collaboration w/ Coqui Creations and their "plushie" series. If you're a collector of either series, you won't want to miss this patch. If we sell out, be sure to check if they are available over at https://coquicreationsthreads.bigcartel.com/