Drive Modes Dial Decal - fits Toyota Tundra 2022 2023+ (Your Choice of logo)

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Item Description: Drive Modes Dial Decal - fits Toyota Tundra 2022 2023+
Size: Cut to fit over factory Drive Modes Dial.
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Additional Info: This is a decal (sticker) NOT an emblemThis will only fit the Gen3 Toyota Tundra (2022-2023) with the factory drive mode dial. If you dial looks different than the dial shown in our photos, please email us before purchasing. Our decal is designed to be applied on top of the factory dial.  Our decal is great to cover scratched or faded dials. This sticker is an original, you will not find it anywhere else. We use premium vinyl with all our stickers to maximize the lifespan of the sticker.

PLEASE READ: This is a two-part decal. You will apply the background decal first then apply the logo decal. This gives you the option to install only the background decal if you don't want a logo. Or you can install the logo decal only if you don't want a background. Or, as shown in most of our photos, you can install both the background and logo decals. Also - the ring around the logo is used to center the decal during install. You have the option of leaving the ring decal installed or peel it off and only leave the logo decal.