Custom American Flag SIDE WINDOW Decals - Choose Your Size

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Item Description: American Flag Side Window Decal
Size: Pick your size from the options listed below. You'll need to choose a size that is just slightly larger than the size of your window (see photo for how to measure). You'll want to apply the decal to the window, then trim off the excess around the window edge with an exacto-knife or razor blade.
Qty: 1 pair (1 drivers side and 1 passengers side, note: passenger side will be mirrored so stars always face the front of the vehicle once installed - see photo example).
Notes: Have a question...? See the photo examples for a better understanding of this product. This is a universal trim-to-fit kit. Simply measure the overall size of your window and pick a size that will cover it. If it's slightly larger than you need, don't worry... You'll just need to apply it to the window and trim off the excess decal.
Additional Info: Want to show some pride? This decal will do the trick! Although this decal is designed for the rear side windows, it can be placed anywhere on the vehicle (painted surface, glass, most smooth interior panels, pretty much anywhere you want). All of our decals are machine cut to ensure precision and quality. We use premium vinyl with all our stickers to maximize the lifespan of the sticker.

Please note: We offer a SMALL American Flag decal to match for your doors/fenders. Search "American Flag" to find it.