Claw Machine - Wood Patch

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Item Name: Claw Machine - Wood Patch
Patch Dimensions: ~2-7/8" wide x 3-1/2" high
Qty: These are sold individually
Purchase limit: No limit, buy as many as you'd like
Additional Info: If you've been to the store lately, you know TP is flying off the shelves. Need some...?
Hope your claw machine skills are on point!

  • Comes with a Numbered Art Card
  • Detailed wood engraving
  • Velcro backed
  • Limited to 50 made forever
  • Due to natural variances in wood, no two patches are 100% identical but we did out best to make sure they all are very similar (see photos)
  • Rolls if toilet paper not included, you're only buying the wood patch. Personally, we don't have a square to spare. =P