Side Window 3 Stripe Decal Sticker Kit (18" Version)

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Item Description: Side Window 3 Stripe Decal Sticker Kit.
Size: 3", 4" and 5" x 18" stripes @ 30° with 1/2" between stripes. See photo for more info.
Qty: 1 pair (1 set of 3 stripes for drivers side, 1 set of 3 stripes for passengers side)
Additional Info: These stripes come as individual decals. You will need to install them one at time. This kit requires you to install the decals and trim off the excess along the edge of the window. Since they are 18" tall, you get to decide how much of the decal you want to show and trim off the rest. Add a little flair to your vehicle with these window stripes. We use premium vinyl with all our stickers to maximize the lifespan of the sticker.